For Students


Local Volunteer Opportunities:

Contact your local community association and ask if they need volunteers for upcoming events or projects. Find an organization doing work you think is important and volunteer your time to help them out. Connect with an SCIC member organization that might need volunteers ( under the “members – organizations” tab)

Overseas Volunteer Opportunities:

Canada World Youth-Global Learner Program

This program is for high school, college, university aged groups. The Global Learner program develops international educational projects for groups of young people aged 15 and up. This program provides students with the opportunity to learn about international development issues first hand, and acquire both language and intercultural skills while living with host families. These projects enable young people to enjoy a short but intense learning experience combining life with a host family and volunteer work in an exchange country. Each international stay can be adapted to specific objectives and can vary between two weeks and three months. Find more information on the CWY website.

Free the Children

Free the Children have all sorts of contests, travel information and resources for young people. Free the Children website is full of great information worth checking out. They also offer overseas travel, where youth experience international development first-hand by visiting Free the Children projects overseas. Their commitment to youth is to engage them in global development and social issues education so that they take action to make a difference. Find more information on the Free the Children Website.